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What Is jQuery?

Let’s start here:

jQuery is a JavaScript library that, as their tag line suggests, allows web programmers to “Write Less, Do More.”

In other words, jQuery is a collection of pre-written JavaScript code (aka, a library), bundled in ways that make exploiting its many possibilities easier for designers and programmers.

So why is this good?

JavaScript has been around for a while and it’s always been useful in creating dynamic effects for websites. However, simply making an element move could become a very arduous process because JavaScript’s language could get overly complex for many simple effects or events.

Then there was Flash. Flash offered a new way to add dynamic, moving content to websites, and it’s Photoshop-esque interface was more familiar to designers. For a little while, it seemed that JavaScript was on the decline.

But, along came jQuery, and suddenly, effects and events using JavaScript were made easier to access and easier to employ.

It came at the right time, too. Mobile devices, like the iPhone and iPad, don’t support Flash, which means JavaScript became a much more universally compatible option.

Today, jQuery is all over the place. The relative ease at which it can be put to use means that it is also a more affordable weapon in the web developer’s arsenal. Essentially, it means that the client can get a little more bang for their buck.

Hip Web Design uses jQuery in many of its projects, including this very site. You will see things like overlays and tooltips, which have been bundled into even more convenient functions thanks to libraries like Flowplayer’s jQuery Tools.

Here is a list of some jQuery demos and plugins (pre-coded events/effects):

jQuery UI:

jQuery Tools:

Demos in Action:

jQuery is just one of the many cutting-edge methods Hip Web Design uses in the design and development of our client’s websites. Get your quote today!

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